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Photography Tips

Here are some tips to help you enhance your pictures:

1. Start out with a large media card.
Nowadays, media cards can be bought in 1 GB or bigger sizes, so there is no need to ever run out of room. Take as many pictures as you can because you can always delete, but you can never recreate. Also, you never know what you will discover when going back through your pictures.

2. When possible, always take high-resolution pictures.
If you’ve paid a lot of money for a fancy camera, you want to get your money’s worth and in the event that you were very close to your subject, the detail in a high-resolution picture can make the difference between a travel picture and a classic photo.

3. Invest in a tripod.
Tripods are getting smaller and more portable as well as more affordable, and let’s face it, when people see you setting up a tripod to take a picture, they think you’re a professional photographer and that is always cool. Tripods can steady your camera to take zoomed in pictures.

4. Proper framing.
Your subject doesn’t necessarily have to be in the centre of the picture. Sometimes there is something interesting right behind it, and simply shifting your lens 10cm to the right or left can make a normal picture into something spectacular.

5. Golden Hour.
One hour before sunrise and one hour before sunset are the magical hours for photographs; the time when the lighting in the sky is so perfect, it’s hard to take a bad picture. Take advantage of these hours.

6. Play with the manual settings on your digital camera.
Discover new settings; change the exposure, warm up the tones by setting the sky to cloudy instead of sunny. Each camera has different settings that can only help to enhance your shots. Play around with them and see what you can discover.

7. Use your unique photographer’s eye.
We’ve all seen the postcard photos. They’re gorgeous, of course, but they’re postcard photos – the standard pictures of famous places. Everyone has their own perspective when it comes to taking pictures, so why not focus on that? What did you first see when you got to Wadi Rum or Petra? Did something stand out to you that you never saw in a prior visit or in another photograph? Focus on that, zoom in, enhance the surroundings, and let us see these places from your perspective.

8. Capture reflections in the water.
Take advantage of your tripod to steady your hand and take a reflection shot of a building, trees, or even the beautiful sky. This is highly underrated and you will be amazed at what you can create.

9. Take food pictures.
One of the best things about traveling is sampling different foods and when you go through pictures and see the interesting and different things you ate, it can bring back memories as if you were just on your trip yesterday. Get close to the plate, frame it properly, and you can practically transport yourself right back to that restaurant in the middle of nowhere eating that dish.

10. Have fun.
Don’t be afraid to experiment when taking pictures. Make people do silly or serious poses, focus on a lesser-seen monument, or try to frame pictures in unusual ways. There’s no correct way to take a picture so take a lot of shots of the same subject and sort through them later. After all, that’s why you bought the large media card, isn’t it?